Could there ever be a non-violent war?

After watching and reading the autobiography of one of the most inspirational human beings of the Earth’s existence, Gandhi, I began to question whether his hope could ever come true and whether the world could resolve its infinite issues without the need for violence.

It seems incomprehensible to me that man has been on the planet for thousands of years , having evolved in many ways: technological advances, transport advances, medical advances, and yet we still revert back to the most primitive form of conflict resolution- war. We are the only species capable of rational thought and yet we still refer to our animal instincts to solve the most catastrophic issues that we face as a human race.

Although I understand that we can’t all be like Gandhi, what I can’t understand is how the example that he set nearly 100 years a go has not been advanced upon. The world seems to have an abundance of politicians, professional negotiators, dispute settlement organisations which at least act as if they are contributing to a more peaceful world. But this is not a more peaceful world.

Is the only way to overcome violence which has destroyed families, communities and the environment around the world with more violence?  Or could there ever be a non-violent way to pacify a war?

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